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About Hannah

My name is Hannah, and welcome to The Relationship Advice!

I’m a full-time student in college right now, and I have one year left until I graduate. And people at my school date a lot. Seriously. A lot. People are constantly out on first dates and spending time with people they just met. It’s actually really fun! It helps you get to know others and make a lot of friends. Even when first dates go wrong, you find out more of what you really want in a spouse.

After three years in this busy scene, I’ve learned a lot about dating. My roommates and I love to analyze situations, and we’ve analyzed dating to the death. We’ve all had our share of bad first dates, bad breakups, and successful dates. A couple of my roommates have even gotten married already!

I wanted a place to share what I’ve learned. People have had dating questions for centuries, and I’m no expert, but I can at least share my thoughts. On my site, you can learn how to improve your first-date skills, become more serious with someone, and get to know someone without being a creep. I hope it’s helpful!

So if you want to improve your dating life, keep reading! In the blog, you’ll posts about other types of relationships as well. Thanks for reading, and go get ’em, tiger.