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How Do You Get Past the First Date With Someone?

Getting a second date with someone has everything to do with how your first date goes. If you think the old cliché of making a good first impression is for people who still believe in the tooth fairy, think again. You need to make your first date feel magical. You might not have a fairy godmother to help you out, but there are some things you can do without magic to create the best first date possible.


Yes, hygiene. Your date has probably got a good sense of smell. Think about how much you would enjoy spending an evening with a date who smelled irresistible. Your date would also like you to smell just as irresistible. Remember, smells contribute to memories!

Dress appropriately for what you will be doing. Don’t under dress for the restaurant. You might need to break out the iron, but it will be worth it if you want to make a good impression. Your clothes need to be clean, and they should smell great!


This might be the most dreaded part of a first date, but you can do this! Girls generally enjoy talking, which makes it easier for the guy if he will allow her to talk and ask questions. Don’t hog the conversation, and come with a few ideas for conversation starters in case they are needed.

Asking questions about your date will be better conversation than giving a rundown of your life history. You need to show you are interested and that you have the ability to listen to a response.

Be Courteous

Chivalry is not dead, and refined women are rare—make yourself stand out from the crowd by going the extra mile to show respect. Compliment your date with sincere remarks. Holding doors is flattering to a woman who respects chivalry. Being kind to others you encounter shows that you aren’t self-absorbed. Leave a generous tip for your waiter.

Most first dates will be an only date if you are rude to other people or your date. If you haven’t made arrangements for who is picking up the tab, offer to do so. Going Dutch might seem fair, but try pampering your date if you want a second one. If your date offers to split it, politely decline, but suggest they could buy you an after-dinner drink or dessert instead.